Walle and Boomer can be found in Otter Oasis, location Upper Lever 23.

The North American River Otter

The North American river otter is a lively, inquisitive creature. North American river otters are freshwater animals found throughout North America in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. Otters are inquisitive, playful and intelligent, often appearing to take childlike enjoyment in sliding around on muddy banks or in snow. They are semi-aquatic mammals and live around water edges.

Walle's Story

Walle was rescued from the wild as a very young otter. His rescuer raised him on his boat and thought he was doing the right thing by keeping him as a pet. As Walle continued to grow and develop, his caretaker recognized that caring for a juvenile otter was much more intense than a regular household pet and assumed that if Walle were placed back into the wild, he would resume life as a normal otter. Much to his caretaker’s dismay, Walle returned to the boat. What his caretaker did not know was that North American river otters must learn survival skills from their mothers and family group.

Walle’s caretaker realized that Walle would continue to return, so he was transported to a rehabilitator in Gainesville, FL. Shortly after that, Clearwater Marine Aquarium received a call from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission asking if Walle would be able to reside at the aquarium with our other otters under the care of our training staff members.

Fun Facts About Walle

Species: North American River Otter (lontra canadensis)
Sex: Male
Age: 6
Diet: Capelin, Lake Smelt, and Feline Diet
Arrival Date: 11/19/2012

Boomer's Story

Boomer, a North American river otter, was born in January 2018 and was transferred to CMA on October 15, 2018, from another animal care facility.  Boomer came to CMA to be a social partner for Walle, a rescued and non-releasable otter, who was residing by himself at that time. As with Winter and Hope, we expect Walle and Boomer to have a long-lasting and fun relationship.

Species: North American River Otter (lontra canadensis)
Sex: Male
Age: 1
Diet: Capelin, Herring
Arrival Date: 10/15/2018